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NO.1Installation personnel technology does not pass
Automation system can not reasonable utilization of resources,The price is not high,Often appear after installation does not automatically work or problem of high failure rate?
NO.2Engineering, lack of experience
Strength does not pass,The product don't understand,Unable to provide professional automation system installation and maintenance services?
NO.3Many times maintenance problems still mount
Maintenance to cut corners,Do not use the original parts,A longer trim has been unable to effectively solve the problem?
Consulting engineers immediately related issues ->
    Engineers show certificates
    Engineers certificates
  • Automation has a number of professional electrical technology、Automation engineer team,Tailored design automation of science,Safety energy saving efficiency,Also can effectively avoid all kinds of common problems。
    Technical staff strict training
    Original technical staff training
  • Automate all technical personnel,Through strict training,For each product features by heart,To provide you with quality service automation solutions。
    Professional maintenance of original parts
    Original parts professional maintenance
  • Automation provides the complete original parts,Professional maintenance staff,Make maintenance solve your problems in use process automation system。
Xinyang grow into automation co., LTD. Set industrial electrical appliances sales automation field、Control cabinet production、Processing、Industrial electrical appliances after-sales maintenance in a body's comprehensive company
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Focused on automationIntegrated services companies

Industrial electrical appliances sales company of automation field、Control cabinet production、Processing、Industrial electrical appliances after-sales maintenance in a body's comprehensive company,The products covered by the business:Residential area/The mall/Building water supply control system,Cold storage/Air conditioning control system,Machine tools/CNC control system,Plastic blown film/Printing/Packaging machinery control system;Toughened glass machinery and other kinds of form a complete set of automation control system。

Professional service team,Strong technical strength!

The company has electric technician1Name,Automation of senior engineer5Name,Other employees10More than one。

We provide customers with professional Automation solutions

Automation standardization construction
Automation standardization construction

Construction standardization processEnsure the quality and quality

  • A、In terms of choice of raw materials we all choose a gleam of well-known brands at home and abroad
  • B、All construction personnel all have engineer certificate、Show certificates
  • C、Standardization of the construction process
  • D、Strict acceptance criteria

Perfect after-sale service system,For you to provide professional technical support!

  • Send professional engineer to on-site installation and debugging qualified,On-site guidance staff,Learned so far。
  • Professional after-sales service team,24Congratulations on your call,Timely solve the problem for you。
  • Fast free maintenance guarantee period。

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