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Shaoyang city giants Windows and doors co., LTD
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  Shaoyang city giants Windows and doors co., LTDWas established2010Years,Is located in shaoyang xiang-gui guizhou second phase of building materialsCThe eighth house area aluminum hardware mechanical and electrical market。The company has a trained from guangdong and coastal developed areas,Skillful staff。Specialized in aluminum alloy doors and Windows、Window of model steel door,Glass curtain wall,Stainless steel and other large engineering manufacture and installation of doors and Windows companies。The company in line with quality first,The principle of reputation first,Carefully choose the first-line brand manufacturer combining the cooperation in the country,At present, the company agent brand has:Vibration litres of aluminum(China's well-known trademarks)、Bright aluminum(China's well-known brands)、Hong Thai aluminium(Hubei famous brand)And the famous accessories products,Rely on their brand awareness and strong technical force,To ensure that the company's products quality……

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