Engaged in greenhouse engineering design、Production、The installation、The usage and maintenance integrated company.With many years of greenhouse engineering,Vegetable greenhouses,The sunlight greenhouse,Intelligent greenhouse,Greenhouses,Ecological restaurant in areas such as design,The construction。
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Qingzhou a Calvin greenhouse engineering co., LTD

  Qingzhou Calvin greenhouse engineering co., LTD is located in the north of flowers——Qingzhou。Can design according to the requirements、Build the sunshine board(pcPlate)Greenhouses、Glass greenhouse、Film arch in greenhouse engineering、Solar greenhouses、Ecological greenhouse restaurant、Sunshade shade system、Seedling greenhouse spray water wheel、Water fan、Heating system and the fittings of greenhouses,Applied to planting flowers、Vegetable greenhouses、Aquatic products、Livestock greenhouse and various kinds of greenhouses, etc;Also can produce all kinds of high ridge、Large span、The special ecological restaurant types of big width room,Aesthetically pleasing appearance,Internal vision,Capacious and bright。Design of all kinds of products are greenhouse users wide acclaim。 ...