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Welcome to taizhou super solid electric co., LTD. Web site!!!

    Taizhou super solid electric co., LTD,Formerly known as zhejiang sanmen insulation materials plant,Was established1993Years,The existing staff130People,Have senior professional titles20Many people。Company factory district area12000Square meters,The construction area12000Square meters。The company is located in the east China sea coast of zhejiang,Sanmen bay,The north of ningbo,South to wenzhou,Is China the birthplace of the joint stock cooperative system——Taizhou。There were three in the county、Ningbo-taizhou-wenzhou highway and ningbo-taizhou-wenzhou railway and,The traffic is very convenient。
  Companies leading products for:330KVAnd the following immersion、Dry type transformer insulation von berg systeme、Rubber seals;10KV、20KV、35KVLevel combination of transformer with four locations、Two workstation series high voltage load switch and lever;Other products include auto parts,10KVCharged operation tools, etc。
  Company production of transformer insulation parts40Years of history,In the production of various kinds of insulation products600Tons。Production equipment mainly:Press、CNC machining center、The block machine、Chamber、Shearing machine、The crimping machine、Film laminating machine、Stay forming machine、Paper tube groove machine、Run sawing machine, etc。The company is one of the industry standard drafting unit of transformer insulation parts。
  Since the company1998Years combined change when introducing domestic box,Is positive to develop the domestic grid high voltage load switch。Products by xi 'an high voltage research institute、Wuhan high voltage research institute and other units of type testing。Annual production capacity of the switch2Ten thousand units,Operating lever3The root。The most complete varieties for the switch,There are common species、Whole sealing type、Buried、Electric operation, etc。High voltage load switch products has maintained a leading market share。Company is a combination of transformer with high voltage load switch one of the industry standard drafting unit。From2006To begin,连续四Years荣获广东顺特电气优秀供应商称Number。
  In the company2000Years passISO9001Quality system certification,Adhere to the scientific management method。The company has high and new technology enterprise in zhejiang province、County586Engineering companies、The municipal science and technology progress prize、The city star enterprise management、City integrity unit, such as a number of awards and honorary titles。Company with“Quality first for the customers,Super solid innovation and development”For the purpose,With science and technology innovation as the navigation,Further improve the technological content of new products,Service in transformer manufacturers。

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