On a monthly basisThe former10NameEnroll can obtainBaidu、Ali、Companies such as huawei jobs

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Make in ChinaForce of employmentStrong university

Beida jade bird group hefei college is a special place,Here is full of innovative and useful modern spirit。
如果你正在考虑申Aptech hefei group学院,May you have the same valuable modern spirit

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Enter oneself for an examination aptech group college north campus5 The big advantage

Location advantages

College is located in the provincial capital,Set of politics、The economy、Culture and integration,College students social practice
Rich in activity,As to lay a good foundation for future employment。

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Management advantages

Strict management,Militarization management and humanization management pay equal attention to;Enter the need to brush the entrance card
Foreigners can't enter;Dormitory management teacher and class teacher interactive management

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Teaching advantages

Beida jade bird group hefei college hire hundreds of famous teachers,Teaching quality guaranteed

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Academic advantage

Students can be introduced into our school by common the university entrance exam,Get the national unified college degree;Students can also participate
Adult the university entrance exam of adult college degree,Learn letter,Can this

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Employment advantage

Sign the employment agreement,Continuous6Years of employment98%The above,Docking first-tier cities5000+Established companies
Employment way out

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Campus landscape

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