CY14-1BThe axial plunger pump series
 CY-YSeries pump power plant
 A7VOblique type variable plunger pump
 A2FInclined shaft quantitative plunger pump
 Imported plunger pump series
 Electric lubrication pump series
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·From the external analysis loader hydraulic system failure
·Engineering machinery to replace the new hydraulic pump should pay attention to the problem
·In the second half of the hundreds of billions of project construction The strong pull of engineering machinery

  Qidong city hongyu hydraulic co., LTD,Production of full rangeCY14-1BHigh finale to the plunger pump andCY-YSeries pump power and unitXM-F40LAxial piston motor plants,Product specification1.25、2.5、5、10、25、40、63、80、160、250、400ml/r,Variable typesC、Y、D、S、M、P、L、Z、MY、BCYAnd so on,Is the most complete specifications,One of the most variable typesCYOne of the series pump manufacturers。
  The company's products sell well all over the country,Can form a complete set in forging、Machine tools、Mine、Metallurgy、Light industry、Engineering machinery hydraulic system etc。The company advanced technology、Strong,Have a strong technical personnel team。Has always attached importance to product quality,Make with meticulous care,Constantly develop new products,To meet user needs。|The company has already passedISO9001-2000Quality management system certification。 |Our tenet“Quality first、The user is supreme、Abide by the contract、The price is reasonable、Availability timely”。Implement“Three guarantees”,Welcome to order……

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